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Spice Equivalent Chart      
The Spice Equivalent Chart shows how many teaspoon of a dried herb or spice make up an ounce. This allows you to easily convert from volume to weight. When accurate measurements are required, it is almost always better to measure by weight rather than volume.
Description Tsps./oz
Allspice, ground 14.9
Anise Seed 13.5
Basil, ground 20.2
Bay Leaf, crumbled 47.2
Caraway Seed 13.5
Cardamom, ground 14.2
Celery Seed 14.2
Chervil, dried 47.2
Chili Powder 10.9
Cinnamon, ground 12.3
Cloves, ground 13.5
Coriander Leaf (Cilantro) 47.2
Coriander Seed 15.7
Cumin Seed 13.5
Curry Powder 14.2
Dill Seed 13.5
Dill Weed, dried 28.3
Fennel Seed 14.2
Fenugreek Seed 7.7
Garlic Powder 10.1
Ginger, ground 15.7
Mace, ground 16.7
Marjoram, dried 47.2
Mustard Seed, yellow 8.6
Nutmeg, ground 13.9
Onion Powder 13.5
Oregano, ground 18.9
Paprika 13.5
Parsley Flakes 94.5
Pepper, Black, ground 13.5
Pepper, Red, ground 15.7
Pepper, White, ground 11.8
Poppy Seed 10.1
Poultry Seasoning 18.9
Pumpkin Pie Spice 16.7
Rosemary, dried 23.6
Saffron 40.5
Sage, ground 40.5
Savory, ground 20.2
Sesame Seed 10.5
Tarragon, ground 17.7
Thyme, ground 20.2
Turmeric, ground 12.9

Source: USDA

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The Spice Equivalent Chart
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