CSA Association Initiatives

The CSA is a very different organization than in the earlier years. It will continue to be an essential force in the areas of governmental affairs and scientific issues. Activities include representation in Technical and Government Affairs and Affiliations.

Technical and Government Affairs
The Canadian Spice Association has continued to align and involve itself with government initiatives in the food industry in the interest of our members, customers and the consumer. Through strong representation we have monitored, participated in dialogue and contributed to the development process of regulations and programs related to spices and other food ingredients. These include:

 Allergens  Irradiation
 CEPA  Labelling
 Division 7  Methyl Bromide
 Ethylene Oxide  Nutraceuticals and Functional Ingredients
 Food Additives  PMRA Pesticide MRL’s
 Food Safety  Spice Adulteration
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The CSA is a member of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), an international trade association similar to the CSA, whose mandate is more extensive due to its larger international base of members. ASTA engages in additional activities such as establishing worldwide standards for cleanliness and analysis, monitoring pesticides, offering informational publications and providing information on trade statistics and technical issues. As a member we have access to these services.

The Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association (SHSA) and the CSA have reciprocal membership. We have association with the European Spice Association (ESA) and have formed industry coalitions with other food organizations, e.g. The Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters (IE Canada) and The Food and Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC).