Social Media Guidelines – CSA Social Media Guidelines November 11, 2018

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for staff, consultants, volunteers, members, stakeholders and affiliated groups. This policy covers the conduct and expectations, policies, audiences, definitions, standards, guidelines & examples for employees and the public when participating in The Canadian Spice Association social media or social networking platforms. The Canadian Spice Association must ensure the use social media communications maintains our brand, identity, integrity and reputation while minimizing legal risks, inside or outside of the workplace. Social Media can move quickly and be challenging and is to be used to convey information about company products and services, promote and raise awareness of The Canadian Spice Association brand, search for potential new markets, communicate with members and member companies to brainstorm, issue or respond to breaking news or negative publicity, and discuss corporate, business-unit and department-specific activities and events.

II. Definitions

Social Media: Social media or social networking includes all forms of online publishing and discussion, including but not limited to: blogs, wikis, file sharing, user generated video and audio, social networks and other social networking applications. At present, many organizations are fully engaged with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and most intend to embrace all new social media environments that may appear in the future.

III. Association Policy & Guidelines

  1. Authorized users:
    • The Executive Director and Communications Committee Chair have automatic authority to engage in Social Media on behalf of The Canadian Spice Association.
    • Users must be authorized by The Canadian Spice Association Executive Director and will work in conjunction with the Communications Committee Chair.
    • All users must identify themselves as members or employees of The Canadian Spice Association or their affiliation and expertise when posting to The Canadian Spice Association social media.
    • The Executive Director and Communications Committee Chair have authority to asses and post/share content without secondary approval. Other authorized users must have the content they intend to post/share approved by both the Executive Direction and Communications Committee Chair.
  2. Content guidelines:
    • For social media including The Canadian Spice Association, content must be relevant, meet specified goals or purposes and add value to The Canadian Spice Association brand.
    • Relevant content is defined by the following examples:
      • The Canadian Spice Association social event and meeting dates/information
      • Governmental regulation updates/articles that pertain to the Canadian food industry
      • Market information/articles that pertain to the Canadian food industry
      • Canadian Food Industry and International Food Industry meeting dates/information
      • The Canadian Spice Association member company news, including but not limited to job postings and amalgamations/acquisitions.
    • Any copyrighted or confidential information requires written or verbal authorization by The Canadian Spice Association before it can be published and should be properly attributed.
    • All content must conform to all appropriate laws and regulations, as well as guidelines adopted by and governing the industry, such as privacy laws.
    • Content must be polite and respectful. All messaging should maintain the same tone as if interacting with someone in person on behalf of the organization.
  3. Editorial control:
    • The Canadian Spice Association is authorized to remove any content that does not meet the rules and guidelines of the aforementioned policy or may be illegal or offensive. Removal of such information will be done without permission of the author or advance warning.
    • The Canadian Spice Association expects all public users (non-employees, non-members, non-stakeholders) to abide by all guidelines of the association policy mentioned above and The Canadian Spice Association reserves the right to take the same action as mentioned above in removing offensive or illegal content.
    • Social media comments from public users that require response will be addressed in a timely but thoughtful, and respectful manner by authorized users.