The CSA prides itself in being proactive and member-driven. Our Board of Directors and the various committees of our members drive policy and provide direction for the Association. We make use of the skills and knowledge of our membership to solve the challenges of our business.

Many of our members view the opportunity to participate directly in the affairs of their association as one of the major benefits of membership. It gives them a chance to meet and exchange information and ideas and to address mutual concerns as they conduct CSA business.  As you consider becoming a member of CSA, we suggest that you ask yourself these questions:

  • Would the results of CSA activities, services and information benefit my company as a seller, supplier to or user of spices?
  • Would the power of group action (especially regulatory and legislative matters) be important to the interests of our business?
  • Would my company benefit from participating and exchanging information and interests in a proactive group like CSA?

We invite you to join us as a regular member or as an associate member connected to our industry. Our Executive team will be more than pleased to supply you with additional details and, if you like, to have one of our members in your type of business call you to discuss this further.

PDFCSA Membership Application Form

PDFCSA Associate Membership Application